Dallas Editorial Photographers

Dallas editorial photographers produce images that will typically run in conjunction with text, such as in a publication. The images help tell the story. You might, for example, see pictures of a menu, décor and a building along with a story on a new restaurant. Ryan Brown, the owner of Ryan M. Brown Photography, knows there are a lot of editorial photographers in Dallas TX. That’s why he goes above and beyond when it comes to producing images that do a perfect job of complementing a wide range of published materials.

Ways to Use Editorial Photography

There are many different types of shots Dallas editorial photographers take. They could take shots of a game, or a celebrity for the cover of a magazine.  Ryan, along with other editorial photographers in Dallas TX, will sometimes do fashion shots that are still considered to be editorial pictures because they’re used in magazines to tell a story without saying a word.

Other uses for images produced by editorial photographers in Dallas TX include newspaper articles, textbooks, essays and, in some cases, even documentaries.

It can be easy for people to be confused as to what constitutes editorial photography versus commercial photography. These are just a few of the differences.

  • Cost – The budget for a commercial photography shoot is usually a great deal higher. Much of that budget goes toward the post-production process, such as touching up photos before they run as an advertisement.
  • Purpose – The purpose of an editorial photo is to help tell a story, while the goal of commercial photography is to engage potential customers in order to sell them a product or do business with them .
  • The role of the photographer – An editorial photographer will usually have more creative leeway, while a commercial photographer needs to respond to a client’s direction.

See what makes Ryan different from other Dallas editorial photographers by getting in touch to learn more. You can give Ryan a call at 646-335-5304, or you can contact him online.