Fort Worth Glamor Photography

There are a lot of people who think Fort Worth glamor photography and so-called “boudoir” photography are the same thing. They might be hesitant to take glamor shots as a result. But there are a lot of differences between glamor photography in Fort Worth TX and boudoir shots. Ryan M. Brown Photography would like to spell out those differences.

How Glamor and Boudoir Photography are Different

If you don’t think that Fort Worth glamor photography is for you because it involves nudity and other types of shots you wouldn’t be comfortable taking, that would obviously be understandable. But glamor photography in Fort Worth TX isn’t anything like that. These are just a few of the differences between glamor photography and boudoir photography.

  • Glamor photography emphasizes not only a subject’s outer beauty, but their inner beauty as well. Boudoir photos, on the other hand, emphasize sexual, physical beauty over everything else.
  • Sexuality is another area where the two are vastly different. Glamor photography in Fort Worth TX doesn’t have any overt sexuality, nor do the images have any overt sexual intent. Whatever sexuality there may be is subtle, or implied. On the other hand, boudoir photography is focused on sexuality.
  • Glamor photography will almost always involve a completely clothed subject, typically in something fashionable. Again, the emphasis is not on sex, but beauty. Boudoir photos, on the other hand, usually have a subject dressed in lingerie or some other kind of intimate apparel. They will oftentimes involve either partial or full nudity.
  • Another major difference is that glamor photography focuses on the face, with makeup, hair and even wardrobe supporting that focus. Subjects typically pose in a relaxed position, often reclined or sitting. Boudoir photography will usually encompass the entire body, and can sometimes include sexually aggressive poses.

Hopefully, this information has helped to clear up some misconceptions regarding Fort Worth glamor photography. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with Ryan M. Brown Photography whenever you like. You can use Ryan’s online contact form, or you can give him a call at 646-335-5304.